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ABUS 787 KeyGarage

ABUS 787 KeyGarage

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Securely store keys, plastic cards, and small items like USB sticks with our KeyGarage™ 787 BIG key box. Say goodbye to outdated practices like hiding keys under doormats or flower pots.

The robust sheet steel housing not only protects your valuables from unauthorized access but also shields them from the elements.
Additionally, our KeyGarage™ simplifies the process of exchanging keys or access cards in a secure manner. Share the four-digit numerical code you've set with authorized individuals. If the group changes, modifying the code is a straightforward task. The KeyGarage™ can accommodate up to 38
keys, 30 plastic cards, or even entire key bunches, with removable hooks for individual keys adding to its convenience.
Access is granted through a four-digit numerical code, easily set using the adjustment wheels. For added peace of mind, the ABUS KeyGarage™ 787 BIG is designed for wall mounting in protected outdoor areas.

  • Very large solid metal housing and extra large storage compartment
  • Locking cover made from zinc die-cast
  • Individually resettable code (4-digit)
  • Protective cover with sliding mechanism
  • For wall mouting with screws
  • Holds up to 30 cards or 38 keys
  • Easily removable clip-in hooks guarantee consumer´s comfort
  • Flat inner mechanism makes a larger storage space possible
  • Outer dimensions of housing: 3 5/32" X 4 23/32"

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