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ABUS 145/30 Combination Padlock

ABUS 145/30 Combination Padlock

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This padlock is Ideal for travel purposes: The 145 combination lock is a compact padlock equipped with a numerical code and a special coating, providing extra robust protection.

Our combination lock 145 is available in black with a special coating for extra robust protection.

The ABUS 145 padlock features a solid aluminum lock body paired with a steel shackle, making it suitable for securing bags, suitcases, caskets, lockers, and more. Depending on the lock's size, the numerical code can be individually set with three number wheels. The lightweight design of our 145 combination locks ensures easy and convenient use, even while on the go.



Locking type:

Number combination




1 15/64 inch

Vertical clearance:

63/64 inch


39/64 inch

Weight [lbs]:

0.11 lbs


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