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ABUS 155/40 Sport and Leisure Combination Padlock

ABUS 155/40 Sport and Leisure Combination Padlock

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A compact and portable combination lock 155 for sports and leisure, fits in any pocket.

Searching for a compact, portable padlock suitable for both work and leisure, one that effortlessly slips into any pocket?

Whether it's your locker at the gym or a filing cabinet at the office, the 155 combination lock offers a versatile locking solution.


The 155 lock is designed to safeguard smaller valuables or belongings in low-risk scenarios. Featuring a steel shackle, it is unlocked using a customizable three-digit numerical code of your choosing.


Locking type:

Number combination 




1 3/4 inch

Vertical clearance:

1 1/32 inch


47/64 inch

Weight [lbs]:

0.26 lbs

Color of facets:


Horizontal clearance:

49/64 inch

Shackle diameter:

1/4 inch


3 5/32 inch


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